About Us

Through a series of serendipitous events, we moved to and fell in love with Waco, Texas. We had a very popular antique store in Snoqualmie, WA - providing great prices and deals to customers and dealers alike. You can even see some of our items as props in the hit TV Series, "Twin Peaks". Our home, our passion and our store are now in the Heart of Texas - a place we now call home. And since moving to Waco, we have been featured on the Travel Channel show, “Big City, Little Budgets”, Fox National News, Local TV and the Washington Post.Today, we provide Waco with cool antiques, DIY classes, Fixer Upper Tours and a fantastic Comedy Club. We continue to build on our small success and simply want Wacoans and visitors alike to smile.We have also started Waco Trade Days - a monthly flea market in the heart of the city.