Savage Finds Antiques

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Why Choose Us?

We find and make unique and amazing things that we want to share with you on this site.  It gives you an opportunity to own some of our finest and most unusual items.  Our retail store is located in Waco, Texas - right next to Chip & Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Silos.  The store is called "Savage Finds" and has been around since 2017.  This website is more of a curated experience, where we personally select items for sale that are just simply more interesting.

We also have branded items for sale such as tshirts, gifts, etc. that we feel you might want.  And to top it off, we sell Iron Orchid Designs and DIY Paint for you crafters out there. 

If you're heading to Waco, we also sell a map of the famous houses from the hit TV series and have an audio tour.  Both allow you to safely social distance while at the same time giving you an awesome experience.  Our tours have more things to see than any other tour in Waco.

My daughters, grand daughter and I went on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time together. The people were great--very patient and helpful. A great value in the product received and more importantly, the memories we made. We highly recommend them.

Carolyn Waldorf

About Us



Through a series of serendipitous events, we moved to and fell in love with Waco, Texas. We had a very popular antique store in Snoqualmie, WA - providing great prices and deals to customers and dealers alike. You can even see some of our items as props in the hit TV Series, "Twin Peaks". Our home, our passion and our store are now in the Heart of Texas - a place we now call home. And since moving to Waco, we have been featured on the Travel Channel show, “Big City, Little Budgets”, Fox National News, Local TV and the Washington Post.Today, we provide Waco with cool antiques, DIY classes, Fixer Upper Tours and a fantastic Comedy Club. We continue to build on our small success and simply want Wacoans and visitors alike to smile.  We have also started Waco Trade Days - a monthly flea market in the heart of the city.  Visit for more information and to book a spot.

Find Us In Waco

Come visit Waco's true vintage antique store located on the back corner of The Magnolia Silos.  We are off our 6th & Jackson, behind the building where the floral mural is.


324 S. 6th St, Waco TX 76701

Business Hours

Monday thru Thursday

10am - 2pm

Friday and Saturday

10am - 4pm